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10 Year Old Granted Licence for Shotgun

According to the Scotsman, last year, a 10 year old was recently granted a license for a shotgun. Figures show that many other teenagers in Lothian and Borders Area were granted licenses.

A 13 year-old, five 14 year-olds and 11 children aged 15 were also granted gun licenses.

The figures about the licensing were revealed under the Freedom of Information Act and cover 2009.

Richard Baker, Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman said that he was “shocked and horrified” by the findings, and has called for hardening shotgun license criteria for young people.

Mr Baker said: “There may be good reasons for teenagers to be granted licenses but most people will be deeply concerned. I am seeking information from all of Scotland’s police forces to find out if this is an anomaly or a pattern across the country.”

Government Officials claim current firearms legislation was “confusing and difficult for the police to enforce”.  A review is currently underway to determine clarify and simplify the legislation on firearms licensing.

Full Story: The Scotsman

2 thoughts on “10 Year Old Granted Licence for Shotgun

  1. “10 Year Old Granted Licence for Shotgun” was a incredibly awesome posting,
    . I hope you keep creating and I will keep on browsing!
    Many thanks -Christy

  2. What people need to know is although he has been granted a shotgun or firearms licence he cannot go and buy one ! He has to be gifted it
    As my son has had his firearms licence since he was 15 he has always treated the rifles with respect.

    He is now a police officer in there firearms dept

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