Ham & Petersham Rifle and Pistol Club

Ham and Petersham Rifle and Pistol Club Ltd, is a private shooting club based in Ham, near the River Thames and close to Ham House. We are incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee so we are not a commercial business. We were founded on 7th April 1906, according to the front of the early Annual Reports, although there is now evidence that we began in 1903.

The Club has large grounds, with six outdoor ranges (range tour) from 25 yards to 100 yards in length, which are used for archery , air guns, .22, .38, .44 and .45 calibre rifles and Black Powder pistols. Inside the Clubhouse (buildings tour) there is a general purpose 25 metre range and a .177 air pistol and air rifle ten metre range.

Visitors (who, we hope, will join and become Members of the Club) are specially catered for on ” Guest Day ” the first Sunday of each month. We can show you around, tell you about the Club, and you will be introduced to whatever interests you on a one to one basis with an experienced member. To find out where we are, click here.

The Club runs a lot of competitions in a great range of disciplines throughout the year

Whilst members can use their own firearms and bows, the Club also has a wide selection of equipment for hire at £3 per session.

We also see consumable items such as targets and ammunition.

The office and bar are manned by members of the Committee who are unpaid, and who try their best to keep to these times. The office may close later than the advertised time of 21.30 at the discretion of the Duty Officer.

Official Website Here


  • Air Pistol
  • Archery
  • Black Powder
  • Field Air
  • Shotgun
  • Target Shotgun

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