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Bullet Proof Shield For Backpacks

Bullet Proof Shield for your Backpack

After the recent mass shooting in America, an inventor has developed an armoured shield that could easily fit in a student’s backpack and can stop bullets from 16 feet away.

The inventors name is Kerry Clark, and his company is called Backpack Shield.  The shields will fit in a standard 12 inch or 16 inch bag and protect against more than 30 bullets at a time.

US Air Marshalls are report to now be carrying these shields on planes as an added layer of protection. 

At $235 (USD), the shield is not cheap, but if it could save your life, worth the investment.

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Jericho 941 BB Air Pistol

Jericho 941 BB Air Pistol


The Jericho 941 CO2 Pistol is the great gun airgun for casual target shooting. Based on the Israeli Military issued 941F pistol this gun is semi automatic, and uses a 22 Rd magazine, with 433 fps shot velocity.

  •  realistic look and feel of this beautiful gun
  • C02 Powered Softair 6mm Plastic Gas
  • Semi Auto Softair
  • Metal Outer Barrel
  • More than 200 shots with one C01 Cartridge
  • Israeli Weapon Industries
  • Ambidextrous Safety
  • Semi-auto

Available here for £89.00



Shooting Top Tips

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Bryn Parry has illustrated nine books including the best selling “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, “Horses for Course”, “Sex in the Country” and “Dog Training with Mr Perks”. His cartoons appear regularly in ‘Shooting Gazette’ and he has been published in numerous magazines including ‘The Field’ and ‘Horse and Hound’.


“The brilliant Bryn Parry has elaborated on a theme first conceived in this magazine last September (with his Shoot Day guide) to
Unusual Venue for Shooting Olympics 2012

Unusual Looking Building for Shooting Olympics 2012

The London Shooting Games Olympics 2012 has a rather unusual venue as a temporary measure. They will use the famous Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich. Shooting, Paralympic Shooting and Paralympic Archery will be using this space for the up and coming games.

The competitions will be hosted across three indoor ranges and three open air ranges. Construction is on track to be completed in December, ahead of international shooting test events next spring.

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