Are there any shooting ranges in the uk?

Are there any shooting ranges in the UK?

Yes – there are many shooting ranges in the UK. They exist all over the country and you can fire most real firearms. You can find a list of shooting ranges here

Cvlife 3-9×40 Air Rifle Gun Optics Sniper Hunting Scope Sight by cvlife

Cvlife 3-9×40 Air Rifle Gun Optics Sniper Hunting Scope Sight by cvlife

The CVlife 3-9X40 Air Rifle Gun Optics Sniper Hunting Scope Sight by CVlife is made of high strength aluminum alloy with quick tactical lock and zeroing adjustment windage and elevation. The 3-9X40 can be coupled with airgun hunting rifle. Includes protective lens cover. Free 20mm rails mount only

Bullet Proof Shield For Backpacks

back pack shield

Bullet Proof Shield for your Backpack After the recent mass shooting in America, an inventor has developed an armoured shield that could easily fit in a student’s backpack and can stop bullets from 16 feet away. The inventors name is Kerry Clark, and his company is called Backpack Shield.  The shields will fit in a…

Jericho 941 BB Air Pistol

Jericho 941 BB Air Pistol

  The Jericho 941 CO2 Pistol is the great gun airgun for casual target shooting. Based on the Israeli Military issued 941F pistol this gun is semi automatic, and uses a 22 Rd magazine, with 433 fps shot velocity.  realistic look and feel of this beautiful gun C02 Powered Softair 6mm Plastic Gas Semi Auto…

Shooting Top Tips


About the Author Bryn Parry has illustrated nine books including the best selling “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, “Horses for Course”, “Sex in the Country” and “Dog Training with Mr Perks”. His cartoons appear regularly in ‘Shooting Gazette’ and he has been published in numerous magazines including ‘The Field’ and ‘Horse and Hound’. Review “The brilliant…

Unusual Looking Building for Shooting Olympics 2012

Unusual Venue for Shooting Olympics 2012

The London Shooting Games Olympics 2012 has a rather unusual venue as a temporary measure. They will use the famous Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich. Shooting, Paralympic Shooting and Paralympic Archery will be using this space for the up and coming games. The competitions will be hosted across three indoor ranges and three open air ranges….

Who says Guns are not sexy?

Man loves Gun

  We were recently sent this intereting picture of a big gun fan in the United States. His gun pose is a little uncovential, but he seems quite proud. He does bare an uncanny resembles to actor and comedian Russell Brand, and Bill Bailey. He could even be related to either one of them.

Shooting Business Directory Now Available

Shooting Business Directory

Today we have added new functionality to The Shooting Business Directory is Online and FREE for 3 months. Please feel free to Submit your Shooting Club your Shooting Club, Shooting Range, Shooting Websites or Shops. This service is currently FREE, and will remain so for the 3 months. Please give us your feedback on improvements.

10 Year Old Granted Licence for Shotgun

Shotgun Shooting Ranges

According to the Scotsman, last year, a 10 year old was recently granted a license for a shotgun. Figures show that many other teenagers in Lothian and Borders Area were granted licenses. A 13 year-old, five 14 year-olds and 11 children aged 15 were also granted gun licenses.

Paralympic Shooting and Paralympic Archery Venues during the London 2012 Olympics


The 2012 Paralympic Shooting will be held at the The Royal Artillery Barracks, Arsenal, London. There will be four temporary indoor ranges for Pistol and Rifle Shooting and outdoor shotgun ranges for Trap and Skeet events. Each shooting range will have a temporary spectator grandstand built especially.