Bury St Edmunds Pistol and Rifle Club

Bury St Edmunds Pistol and Rifle Club was founded in 1976 aqnd is Home Office Approved. The club is located near Cavenham in Suffolk.

It is a target shooting club where it’s possible to shoot Black Powder Weapons, Rifles, and Air Weapons.

The Pistol and Shooting Club has a 10-point 25m range with turning-targets, and a 10m indoor air weapons range.

Affiliations: National Rifle Association, Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain

Contact: Email: clubinfo@bsepc.org.uk Post: Hon Sec B.S.E.P.C, Yaxley Post Office, The Cherry Tree, Yaxley, IP23 8BH

Bury St Edmunds Pistol and Rifle Club: Official Website

Address: Cavenham in Suffolk.  Note: There are no facilities for storing firearms or ammunition

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