Pennine Shooting Sports Association

The Pennine Shooting Sports Association (PSSA) has one of the oldest shooting ranges in the UK with shooting records going all the way back to 1861.

The present buildings and ranges were originally built by the British Army around 1897, and purchased by civilian clubs when the Diggle Range was no longer required.

Club Details

  • Wide range of shooting events and competitions
  • 1000 yard shooting range – ideal for long rifles
  • Provides training facilities to the Greater Manchester Police
  • Provides test facilities to British Aerospace (Royal Ordnance)

Club Disciplines

  • Target Rifle
  • F Class
  • Classic Military Rifle
  • Quigley & Black Powder
  • Lever Action
  • McQueens & Tactical
  • Benchrest
  • Practical and Civilian Service Rifle
  • Practical Rifle
  • Civilian Service Rifle

Official Website for Pennine Shooting Sports Association: here

Contact Details: Email:

Location: Diggles Range Pennine

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