Shooting Top Tips

About the Author

Bryn Parry has illustrated nine books including the best selling “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, “Horses for Course”, “Sex in the Country” and “Dog Training with Mr Perks”. His cartoons appear regularly in ‘Shooting Gazette’ and he has been published in numerous magazines including ‘The Field’ and ‘Horse and Hound’.


“The brilliant Bryn Parry has elaborated on a theme first conceived in this magazine last September (with his Shoot Day guide) to
produce both a guide to shooting and a genuinely funny book. Pure genius.” –Shooting Gazette

Have some lessons, buy the gun, get the kit, train the dog, placate the wife but first buy this book. “Shooting Top Tips” contains everything anyone needs to know about shooting and each tip is wonderfully and ludicrously illustrated in Bryn Parry’s modern guide to the noble sport. Regardless of whether the reader is a novice or an expert, this book will become a favourite in every sporting loo in the country. Bryn Parry’s ninth hilarious book.

…. it’s by Bryn Parry. Well written, amusing and informative combined with the usual superb cartoon illustrations. I would say it’s a great read for the beginner or experienced gun alike, plus I imagine non-shooters (perhaps not antis….) would also enjoy it, as it’s good fun throughout.

Shooting Tops Tips Book
Shooting Tops Tips Book

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