Paralympic Shooting and Paralympic Archery Venues during the London 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Paralympic Shooting will be held at the The Royal Artillery Barracks, Arsenal, London. There will be four temporary indoor ranges for Pistol and Rifle Shooting and outdoor shotgun ranges for Trap and Skeet events. Each shooting range will have a temporary spectator grandstand built especially.

2012 Paralympic Shooting:

  • Starts on Saturday 28 July – Sunday 5 August.
  • There are 15 events,  five in each of the three disciplines; Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun.
  • for each disapline, three events are for men and two for women.
  • Total of 15 medals
  • 390 global competitors

2012 Paralympic Archery:

  • Starts Thursday 30 August – Wednesday 5 September
  • 9 Gold medals
  • 140 global competiors – (88 men, 52 women)

Source: The Official London 2010 Olympic Website

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