Emperor of Exmoor

Emperor of Exmoor Slaughtered

Earlier this week the ‘UK’s biggest stag known as the Exmoor Emperor was shot dead by a roadside during mating season. The Emperor of Exmoor was just under 9ft tall to the tips of the antlers, and weighted in excess of 300lb.

Various reports suggest that the hunter could claim £2000 for the head, and up to £400 for the venison.

Although the shooting was carried out by a licensed shooter, there have been angry cries from animal rights groups. They are furious that the killing took place near a roadside, and that the mating season was not finished.

There are now calls to have the Wild Red Stags protected during mating season. In recent years Exmoor has become a popular destination for tourists seeking “wild shooting ranges“.

According to Goverment statistics, approximately 350,000 deer are culled annually.

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